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Screw Feeder Design Sheet

PWF Literature

Industrial Process automation, Inc.

Welcome to Industrial Process Automation, Inc.

IPA produces a variety of process automation equipment, specializing in weigh belt feeders and screw feeders. We offer Standard, Food Grade Sanitary and Severe Duty models. Screw feeders are available in volumetric and loss in weight gravimetric versions.



Weigh Feeders

IPA weigh belt feeders can be equipped with a fully automatic calibration system (patent pending) that can perform a full zero and span calibration when the feeder is running empty, via. a remote command or with our One Touch Calibration. All automatic calibration systems place the calibration weights outside of the product zone, allowing a fully automatic and unattended calibration!

IPA manufactures weigh feeders in a classic through the belt configuration or with an advanced pivoting arrangement.

Screw Feeder

Screw Feeders

IPA screw feeders are available in standard and sanitary duty style in single, dual and tripple auger versions. All units feature a removable transmission designed to allow rapid repair and cleaning. Spare transmissions are available allowing the feeders to be put back into service quickly. You can easily repair your transmission in-house or send it to IPA for expert repair.